What is GR?


GR is a new type of specification. Toyota has taken existing vehicles and developed them further with Toyota Gazoo Racing World Rally Team.

The vehicles incorporate advanced sporting technology, our first sports all-wheel-drive system as well as a turbo engine. This new range is lightweight, powerful, and exhilarating.


What does that mean for you?

We are the official approved Toyota dealer for GR models in this area.

We have the autonomy, experience and expertise to sell and demonstrate the GR sports model range.

For you, that means you don’t need to trek the country to experience these sporty models; they are now on your doorstep.

Auto Express “Around town the direct steering and taut chassis make it easy to manoeuvre, and the hybrid powertrain does spend a lot of its time running on electricity alone.

We saw 65mpg on our mixed route, and perversely, that figure rose sharply in every town centre”.

Auto Trader “Yaris was already impressive in terms of its safety kit and this new one simply builds on that. Unlike many rivals, Toyota doesn’t ‘hide’ safety tech on the options list and every new Yaris comes with Toyota Safety Sense”.

Autocar “Lately, Toyota seems to have remembered those things called ‘hype’ and ‘desire”.


The following vehicles are available for you to see and drive:

• Toyota Yaris GR - coming soon

• Toyota Corolla GR - available to test drive

• Toyota Supra GR - available to test drive


What do you need to do next?

Experience the incredible sporty exhilaration for yourself by booking a test drive today. Turn heads as you turn corners!

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